America first or Australia first? Are you at risk of losing global talent?

America first or Australia first are more than just election campaign slogans. They impact the employer’s ability to recruit skilled workers from overseas to work on specific projects. Recent announcements by the US and Australian political leaders to review or abolish these visas will cause uncertainty for both employers and employees alike. However, business is about being versatile and looking for solutions to problems. If the overseas employee provides a skill set that does not have to be based in your local office then why not consider employing them to deliver their services from abroad?

At risk of losing your Global Talent resources due to the rejection of a H-1B visa or replacement of the 457 visa?

• Employ Foreign Nationals in their own country

• No entity required for you to establish resulting in cost containment

• A scalable solution with one point of contact for global coverage

• Global Employment, Human Capital Management, Payroll & Benefit Administration

A PEO is more than just an outsourced Payroll service,contact CPM People’s Customer Solutions Team today to find out how we can help you retain key team members and expand your global capacity.


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